Beautiful - Part 4 - My Beautiful Relationships

Having someone with whom you can just be yourself.
Having someone whom you can ask to call at my moment, any day and don't have to think a second thought and start talking without checking "Is it a right time?" (giving no respect to timezones)
Having someone to discuss that book you read.
Having someone to vent your anger on your most-hated-person and don't have to think what that someone will think of you.
Having someone to chide you angrily when you are doing something wrong.
Having someone who can hear the bad mood in your mind over the phone.
Having someone whom you can just hang up on, if you are not feeling upto it and still call back after some time and not expect your hanging up to be even mentioned.
Having someone who can predict your moods, however random you may be.

Having someone who always wishes well for you, come what may.
Having someone who take pride in anything you achieve , it never seems trivial to them because they use no yardstick.
Having someone whose happiness is a mirror image of yours.
Having someone who will show the same degree of love, despite knowing that you are not sharing your secrets with them.
Having someone who accepts you with your shortcomings.

These relationships include friends, family, colleagues or the relationship with your own inner self. 

These are beautiful relationships in my beautiful life.

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