Tomorrow - Part 14 - The Tense of Tomorrow

Every night when I get down to write this series, I faced this challenge. Despite being convent educated and having read the Wren & Martin with a lot of enthusiasm, the decision on then tense to use in these posts was a great challenge. 
I am writing about Tomorrow, I know and all the grammar exercises I did advised me to choose the future tense when talking about Tomorrow. Yeah, Tomorrow is the future right? But I felt like using the present tense in many-a-occasion. I got confused so I did them recalling and reliving those grammar lessons.
Every Grammar rule has an exception , so did the rule above with respect to Tomorrow and Future Tense. Here is why?  

When will you choose the Future Tense? 
Express a Voluntary action 
Usage: I will shape my tomorrow* in the way I want it. 

Express a promise 
Usage: I will make myself happy tomorrow*.  

Express a prediction 
Usage: I will give shape to your dreams and will live my dream tomorrow*.  

When do you choose the Present Tense? 
You could use the present tense with the word Tomorrow or to talk about future when you want to 
Express a plan 
Usage: I am going to be what I want to be tomorrow*.  

Now, given all this, I really had a tough time deciding on the tense to use for my sentences in this post. I decided just based on instinct. I read somewhere, Today is a gift that is what it is called the Present. Let me tell you, Tomorrow is also a Present then because I know  
I am going to live my tomorrow happily* (Present Tense) 
I will live my tomorrow* happily. 
Which of the tenses should I keep? The present is better, ain't it?  

*Tomorrow in this post means Future to come.

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