Tomorrow - Part 16 - Tomorrow is my birthday

One of the memorable days in our life is the Birthdays , more so the excitement and anticipation on the previous day thinking the whole day "Tomorrow is my birthday". Like I have said in many posts, the emotions involved with this varied depending the stages of life

Tomorrow is my birthday - Phase 1
I can't wait to wear my new dress. 
I am excited about people signing me Happy Birthday in school assembly. 
It was lovely of my dad that he bought the latest toffee to distribute to school. 
No teacher is going to punish me or shout at me for no homework today. 
I can't wait for the moment where I can proudly gleam into class tomorrow with my pretty dress while the rest of the class wears uniform. 
How is the special outing with dad in the evening, going to be?

Tomorrow is my birthday - Phase 2
I am curious about what my best friend is going to gift me. 
I read one of the beautifully written birthday cards last time I went to shop, will somebody give me that? 
Where can I take my friends out for a treat? ( Near by sandwich shop /chaat/Icecream outlet) 
Is this new dress going to look good on me?

Tomorrow is my birthday - Phase 3
Is my best friend going to call to wish me? 
Am I going to get my birthday goodies? 
How many orkut/facebook friends are going to scrap me? 
Where to take my friends out for dinner (well, this time it is like which great restaurant in the city?)? 
How much of the cake is going to be on face? 

Tomorrow is my birthday - Today ( now-a-days)
Despite feeling a pang of sadness these days and some pensive moments about "growing older", the birthday even today has not lost any of its charm and is still filled with a lot of excitement and anticipation the previous day. 
For all those of you , celebrating your birthdays tomorrow, Happy birthday.

4 Responses
  1. Guria Says:

    You spread out the phases beautifully. My friend had his birthday last Thursday and I wrote a similar post on the Phase 4. So, I do understand your sentiments! :)

    And, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

    Make wishes to your heart's content, never know when they might come true! :)

    P.S. By the way, why don't you use the Followers gadget? Or don't you like them? :)

  2. Archana Says:
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  3. hi Archana, Thanks for leaving a comment. Sorry I had to delete your comment, coz I want to remain anonymous in this blog :)
    Here s what Archana had to say:
    "You have captured the feelings well:) Hmm Now that I am in Phase 3, I miss Phase 1 and 2 soooo much..:("

  4. @Guria, Thanks!
    Today isn't really my birthday but anyway no harm is wishing, isn't it?