Tomorrow - Part 19 - Here Today - Gone Tomorrow

Today's post is about the phrase "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" which is an idiom that is used to indicate something that is here today, but will soon be gone. 

I interpret this phrase on the same lines as "Opportunity knocks, but once, but Temptation bangs on the doors for years".
Yeah, opportunity comes only once, there are evil beings like Temptation, Laziness , Pessimism  that lean on your doorbell  forever trying all too hard to hide it from you, to keep you away from grabbing that opportunity.

Scare those evil things away. Get prepared to welcome your visitor standing at your door step. 
Wear the optimism suit that you look best in, accessorize it with a tinge of faith, and stay warm with a lot of self-confidence as an over coat. 

{Whisper} You are looking good now.

Go snatch it, Go answer your door bell and let the opportunity IN, For it is here Today, (and may be) Gone Tomorrow.

2 Responses
  1. Sudha Says:

    Loved it.. too good.

  2. Samsung Says:

    Hey... temptation is not evil!!!!!