Tomorrow - Part 18 - The Untitled Tomorrow

Q: What other than 00 HRS on your clock separates the Today and Tomorrow ?
A: Sleep.

This is about the times when the actual Tomorrow became Today without that Sleep. Yes, I am talking about when we walked into the tomorrow without even realising that it is Tomorrow.
Some of my such tomorrows - some pleasant and some unpleasant. Here they go
1. A friend's wedding in Calcutta with lots of fun filled events which started at 11 PM and ended at 2 AM the following day.
2. Discussing the most interesting theory over phone with a best friend only to realize it is time to get to work while still being on the phone.
3. New year's eve while aboard, watching those fireworks on the riverside.
4. At work, fighting that last minute defect for the next day's release.
5. At hospital, seeing a family member fight a illness.
6. Those tour nights or guide camps while in school or college, talking, gossiping the entire night only to realize that the rest of the group is up for the next day.

All such tomorrows have come to me, without even me realizing that it is coming. I call it the Untitled tomorrows, in my world.
How many such Untitled tomorrows have you had? How many of them pleasant and how many of them unpleasant?
P.S: Dedication to a friend who gave this idea and want to be addressed as IDEA MANI, but can give such brilliant ideas only when being alcohol enhanced.

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