Tomorrow - Part 17 - Tomorrow is my birthday - 2

In yesterday's post I talked about the anticipations and expectations when Tomorrow is my birthday, today's post is about the the more emotional aspect of Tomorrow being a birthday. 
Tomorrow is my birthday : The almost sleepless night and yet, The night of the longest dreams.  

The dreams of those tomorrow birthday nights:

Tomorrow I turn 10: 
10 is a magic number. :). Well, I just picked this number to get reminded of somewhere around this age how we felt about growing out of childhood. We started thinking of our own, making more friends, starting to be independent and were slowly getting out of the pampering mode from parents. For some of us, it may not the age of 10, it might have been a little earlier or a little later, but this phase came sometime before we entered teens.  
This was a phase of dreams of small school aspirations like winning a badminton match with a friend, coming first in class, winning that dance/singing competitions, getting selected for the school team, dream of your team winning the march past shield this year.  

Tomorrow I turn 13: 
The start of teenage, the changes in us made us feel apprehensive, moody, self-defensive. A lot of emotions changing, a lot of preferences changing, a start of an new era on the emotional trance of life. 
Dreams of looking good, buying that lovely looking pair of shoes, dreams of getting out of school with good grades, dreams of a good college and dreams of a career big.  

Tomorrow, I turn 20: 
The just out of teens phase. 
Dreams of finding that job ( the one you dreamt up for yourself in the last phase when you turned 18 or 19 ). Dreams of earning big, dreams of getting up the career ladder. 

Tomorrow I turn 25: 
Dreams of exploring life, dreams of saving for parents' retirement, dreams of a better job and those doozie dreams of a life with that special some-one. 

The dreams..continue..all the remaining nights to come  ...

It is the time to bask in the glory of "I have got a year older, wiser!! I have a whole new year ahead to dream for, the whole year for me to realize it and to live some of my dreams during the year." 
It is a day to dream a lot of doozies for the year to come, to dream grand and royal. Dream them in small installments, realize them and dream some more. 
Don't just dream also take stock of the dreams that have come true and rejoice in them. 
Whatever be the tough time you go through, don't just stop dreaming. Even if it is not your birthday tomorrow DREAM. Tomorrow is nothing but a DREAM for a better today. 

A dream is not something that you sit and wait for, it is something that you have to achieve with all our heart and soul's earnest effort.
"Dreams are work in progress"
A contented ME dreamt this last night and I am happy that I am "Living my dream"

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