Tomorrow - Part 11 - The First Timer Tomorrows

This is about the many days when we have waited for the First-Time tomorrow in anticipation of how it is going to turn out with apprehensions, doubts, excitement and joy. 

A recall of some of those first-timer tomorrows

Tomorrow is my first Stage performance - Excited, Tensed. Numerous standing-in-front-of-mirror rehearsals

Tomorrow is my first day in new school - A high feeling, exuberated about making new friends.

Tomorrow is my first Job Interview - Keeping fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is my first time on the flight - Thrilled about travelling abroad. Tension about the baggage and about missing Mom's idli-dosa-vada.

Tomorrow is my first client presentation - Can't sleep the night about what to wear, how to shake hands, and collecting thoughts of how well to present.

Tomorrow is my first day in this new country - Delighted, looking forward to all the fun exploring.

All such first-time tomorrows were lived through and today they are some most cherished memories. We smile, when we think of the tension and unrest we went through. The learnings and memories from those first-time are the ones that make those things not feared any more.

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