Tomorrow - Part 12 - The Exam Tomorrows - C.H.A.O.S

This is about the feelings that we went through when it was exam time tomorrow.
All the tomorrows are exhausted in preparing neat study time-table and after about a week when the time-table is discarded after realising that it is only One Tomorrow left for exam. Thanks to all Tomorrows like this.
Now it is time to take stock, how much is left to study new, how much to revise. Is it best to study the left over chapters or revise the already studied stuff? So much confusion, odd-time alarms, night time tea s, envious about all the others at home who sleep peacefully. You curse God for bringing you to this and pray hard to introduce to you soon, the world with no exams.
Exam was strategy time where you draw plans and road maps to collecting notes, predicting questions, planning how many chapters to skip studying, figuring out sections which can be studied with lesser effort and yet yielding better scores.

CHAOS - is one word which summarizes all those exam tomorrows.

When I talked about this topic, to a couple of my friends, they felt that this post should activate get my funny bone. Only then I realized, something that we dreaded and despised with all our heart a couple of years is something that we smile back at and cherish today. Ironically , we also wish for those exam days again in this exam-devoid stage of ours :)
Did anyone ever tell you that only things that you loved and held dear are missed? I hated exams then but I miss them now, do you?

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