Beautiful - Part 2 - Beautiful moments

There is no such thing as the most beautiful moment, there just are many such beautiful moments in life, which make it worth living.  
Here are some of my special moments, those I have lived and re-lived by fondly recalling them. 

Reciting that rhyme as taught on stage and winning that prize.
Extra cycle time from dad and some special toffees and the "Shh..Shh, Don't tell mummy about it". Only to realize that he himself tells her.

The last time you went out to shop and picked up a toy, and dad put it aside saying "Too expensive" and then you see him enter home with it the first of the next month.

School being declared holiday due to rains, as we wished last night when you realized that you  hadn't prepared for the test the next day.

Birthday goodies and birthday money from grandparents.
Overhearing your grandpa proudly talk about you to his friend and saying "She speaks English real well!" with that sense of pride.

Finding a long lost school buddy on orkut/facebook.
Finding your college crush still listed as Single in facebook :)
Getting that special call on your birthday from a newly made friend whom you did not think would care to even know your birthday.

Waking up before the morning alarm sounds, to realize you have few more minutes before you can get up to snooze it.
Having a sleepless night, like one of this, and stealing a look at the watch waiting impatiently for it to become morning.

Seeing the favourite song of your yester years being played in the TV channels as we swayed through the channels randomly.
Finding relief in reading a favourite book after having had a tough day.

Coming back home after a tired day, to find your favourite food cooked for dinner.
Cooking your own meal, with recipe recited by mom, and it turning out well.

Hosting your friends at home for a special dinner all prepared by you. 
Hosting your mom at your home ( when you are living away from your real home) for a holiday.

When depressed and wanting to get it all out on somebody, you think of calling that somebody, phone rings to alert an incoming call from that special somebody.

Those are not just beautiful moments by themselves, but they have the charm in them to make your present moment beautiful when you recollect them. Many such beautiful moments make a beautiful life which is a cumulative effect of all such beautiful moments and many more beautiful moments when thinking about them.

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