Tomorrow Part 24 - Tomorrow is Friday - TGIF

Monday morning blues characterized by droopy eyes, reluctant waking up is something that I have had right from childhood. But with the advent of corporate culture, the Fridays took a new meaning. It marks joy, relaxed work, people talking about plans for the weekend, leaving early, people casually dressed and you see traces of fun everywhere around you. You see orkut and facebook messages saying "It is Friday". In life , there is a flip side to everything, so even though you Thanked God It s Friday (TGIF), there have been bad Fridays too.

I am going to limit this post only to the experiences of the Fridays at the workplace only because, accordingly to me, so much anticipation and excitement to the Fridays came only during this phase. Till before that, you realize it is weekend only on Saturday morning, when you don't have to wake up to mom's screaming to get to school. 

Friday 2-3 PM 
Boss: Can you get started with the Design Document? We'll review it on Monday morning so that we can send it for client review (USA client) on Monday morning US Time. 
You : {Now, that brings me to work on Saturday and Sunday!! } Ya!  

Thursday 9 PM: 
Boss ( from Client's location in US of A): We have a demo on Monday morning US Time.  
You: {Why does one have to schedule all releases and demos on Monday morning, it is a trick for the bosses to get to work on weekends! } Yeah, that means we have to fix all these issues by then!  

Thursday 9 PM: {The following week} 
You: I am so glad that the demo is over. After that work week without even a Sunday break, I am so glad it is Friday tomorrow. 
{Come on, You still have to come to work tomorrow}
You: that doesn't matter, after all Tomorrow is Friday.  

Thursday 4 PM: 
Friend : TGIF. Thank God Its Friday. I am going to go out with my friends to that new pub in the city tomorrow.  

Friday 8 AM: 
You: Leaving early today. All pending work can wait for Monday.  

Bonus Fridays are the ones which come with a long weekend with the Monday being off as well like the one I am going to have this week. Not far away is the time when folks are going to start considering Thursday as end of week, because The Next Day is Friday.  
What is your Friday holding for you tomorrow? Have a great weekend!!

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