Tomorrow - Part 10 - The Procrastinating Tomorrows

This post is about the many days when I have procrastinated the things I had do for the next day, tomorrow.
Procrastinating for Tomorrow - Type 1
This type of pushing the task for Tomorrow is because I dislike the task and can't get my mind to do it and I put it off till tomorrow hoping that the task will get done on its own by magic or the need for that to be done itself will go away. However in some cases, the task just comes back to hit you the next day , I still don't care only to get postponed for the tomorrow. I have no count on how many such things I really got done or did I postpone for ever.
The best such procrastinations have been during the school times, where I look at the study-timetable I made on Day 1 of your study holidays and kept postponing the study to every tomorrow that I had left till I realized that Tomorrow is exam time.

Procrastinating For Tomorrow - Type 2
This is a special type of Procrastinating for Tomorrow. I have postponed a few things in life for the reason that if I get it done today, it would mean parting with it, tomorrow it would not be mine anymore. Some of these have been stuff that I feared it going away from me if I do it today. I would have nothing tomorrow to long for. Like they say, Save your best for last. Like that, there are some things that you just want to keep wishing for , waiting for..Tomorrow
Type 1 is a feeling of guilt while postponing whereas Type 2 is a feeling of joy while postponing.

P.S: I went through one of such procrastinating mindset today when I got back home at around 23:30 hrs and wanted to postpone the blog writing to Tomorrow. If not for NaBloPoMo, I would have never gotten myself to write this post today.
Thanks NaBloPoMo.

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