Beautiful - Part 6 - A Beautiful Creation

When God made woman, He put lots of innocence and blessed her as a baby-girl.

When God made woman, He put lots of strength in her heart and mind and told her to use during her teenage times and also all her life. 

When God made woman, He gave a new dimension to the meaning of the word "Independence", that it can't be quantified but that it is a feeling.

When God made woman, He gave her an unique identity, a rapidly thinking mind , a ever changing personality and let her know that she should never get bogged down if anyone told her, she is too complex to understand and predict. She just wasn't meant to be understood easily.

When God made woman, He practised wizardry and put a lot of magic in her and told her to rub this magic onto all her dear relationships.

When God made woman, He put unlimited love, a totally biased pair of eyes ( to see her children only) and whispered motherhood into her ears.  

When God made woman, and sent her to this big bad World, He gave her a parting gift called "female intuition" with which she can sense the Good from the Bad.

When God made woman, He did it all so perfectly and gleamed with pride seeing what He got as output. 
That look of pride on His face is what woman of the world, wear as that mesmerizing i_ll_do_anything_for_that SMILE on their faces, and carry as VANITY in their hand bags.

Being a woman, is beautiful.

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