Tomorrow - Part 13 - Deny oneself the Tomorrow

A spine-tingling thought to think of someone who denied themselves , their tomorrows. Yes, I meant Suicide. 

Written To all those souls who took their own lives away,  
Death is scary enough, from where did you muster up the courage to take life away from yourself. Did you not want to see the tomorrow? Or were you so much in a hurry to see your final tomorrow?
Did anyone tell you that you are a coward and that's why you were not ready for the tomorrow? 
Let me tell you, that it takes a lot of bravery to do what you have done to yourself.
If you are listening, you did something that you had no right to do. 
Though it may hurt you deeply to hear this, I have got to say this. The moments that made you lose hope in life and made you think  is the worst that anyone has gone through and led you to this decision; that moment is no worse than what your loved ones go through after you have left them.

This is a dedication to World Suicide Prevention Day - 10 Sep. I was part of the Walkathon in Chennai on 6 Sep organised by Sneha - A suicide prevention organisation. The facts about suicide reported in their site was disturbing.

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  1. Guria Says:

    I really liked the way you said what you did. But you know, the people who commit this heinous crime cross a barrier in their minds from where the path back is untraceable. They lose all their objectivity, direction, purpose. I think it's neither bravery nor cowardice but a shutting down of all faculties that makes a being human! It is sad.