Tomorrow - Part 27 - The Totally unimagined Tomorrows

Have you had a day, when too many things happened, many things changed, many decisions taken, many surprises seen, some promises made, some untold secrets revealed, new relationships made, some guilt washed away through long rants. That s too much for a day!! As the day draws to a close, when you take account of the things, you realize that all those are going to change the way you see your tomorrow. You did not even in the faintest of your last night thoughts imagine or expect this. The Tomorrow that you see in your mind is something unrecognizable, but it is going to come to you, for it was meant to be.

These might be,

A new job offer - the longed for one.
A new workplace - like travelling overseas.
A long wished for thing taking shape tomorrow.
A new relationship - like starting your life anew.

Some of these things can have a striking change in your day-to-day activities and you go through a mix of apprehensions, tension, unrest, newly dreamt doozie dreams.  You starting living that changed tomorrow in your subconscious mind, start living in the future, waiting restlessly for the tomorrow to come or not wanting the today to go away yet. It is strange  , it s creepy, it is the tomorrow that you wanted for long, but all of a sudden, it looks a stranger to you, though you know it is for the better , it scares you.
How many such "All-is-new-and-rosy-and-equally-scary" tomorrows have you had?
To one such tomorrow, that is mine.

If it is to be, it will be.

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