Relationships - Part 14 - The "Not Mutual" Relationships

Don't we most often talk about friendships / relationships being mutual, about the love reciprocating in the same form between the two parties? What exactly we mean by mutual here? Well, my take on "mutual and not-so-mutual" relationships and hence this post.

You might have a friend for your "Balcony person" , but you may not the "balcony person" for him/her.
But there is honesty in that relationship.

You might be somebody's cheer buddy, but they may not be yours.
But there is joy and cheer in that relationship.

You "ride the shotgun" for someone, but they don’t do it for you.
But there is care in that relationship.

You may tell your darkest secrets to somebody, but don’t get to hear any of theirs.
But there is trust in that relationship.

You like somebody a great deal and your actions are interpreted in negative way and you are disliked by that somebody.
But there is liking in that relationship, though one way.

You love somebody for a reason and they might love you back for no reason at all. 
But there is love in that relationship. 

The varying forms of love and friendships don’t matter and all that matters most is the Love itself that is mutual and even if not mutual, it is love, anyway and it is love, all the way.

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