Relationships - Part 2 - Basement People

A moment of joy dampened, an attack of grief more saddened, unrelated/superficial words of consolation uttered, a sigh of happiness heaved when told about things that went wrong. If you faced any of the above, then you had talking to the "Basement people". They pull you down, demotivate you, most often unconsciously. They listen to your grief ranting and in the name of consoling you add on to your misery, by trying to quote instances of how XX and YY or even themselves have gone through much more grief and that it is all meant to be. Little do they realize that in the process they are trying to rub more pessimism on you. Well, when you are sad and feeling like end of the world, you don't want to hear about others having had the same problem, yours is the worst or the saddest thing on earth at that moment. nothing less, nothing more can be more grief.

They listen to your happy moments and make it sound as though, you are over-exaggerating your happiness levels or that you don't deserve it all. Through their subtle, unintentional comments, they dampen your excitement levels, and you put you on a pessimism trip.

All that you need to do to these people, is to identify them and to stay away from them. Period.

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