Relationships - Part 13 - The "Gang" relationships

You and your gang of friends

How did these friendships happen?
They are usually made by some unconscious decision making in our minds, most often, you get introduced to the people of this gang through friends, or you introduce your friends among each other, it might have got built by having lunches together, travelling to work together, working together that kicked started this friendship, or sometimes you don't distinctly remember how they happened. You form a gang, hang out with each other, pull each other's leg, discuss where-abouts of the people in the gang with each other and in one word, just thoroughly enjoy each other's company. These people  if are not near to you physically can tend to be "Left To themselves" people and the meet-up even after years can bring the joy back almost instantly with no effort. If they are near,  they can tend me your "Cheer-Time" buddies or "Time-pass" people.

Coming to think of it, each person in this gang might be a unique personality on their own. You enjoy the times together, you respect each other's differences and varying preferences and yet keep the theme of friendship alive. Among this gang of friends, there might some people with whom you share extra closeness or a special bonding, but whatever be it, the joy doubles and the time is happily spent when the gang is together.
Two is company, Three is crowd, any thing more than three is "Gang of great friends" .

The post was inspired by the group meet up that we did today. The memories of the night outs for the project, the tests after which I scored all your marks before you got them, the Rangaprasad apartment times, the English tutoring sessions for "we know who", the nicknames like "Grandfather and B Sir( we know for whom?)", late night share auto times, the unforgettable "New Year 2004" and the drop back home for Miss AB by the Mr Big AB, my birthday 2004 and the gift teddy bear are still fresh in my mind. 

We are a group of 8 people who met 6 years back at the same workplace and amidst being one's own crazy selves :) struck the chord of friendship,  and despite being spread across the globe in the many corners, still keep in touch with our chain emails and some occasional meeting with each other.
Dedicated  to this 6 years old friendship and Thanks guys for the wonderful time and for having made it today from the different parts of the world amongst the busy schedules. The only one who had the least busy schedule was "Yours truly".

Few others who could not make it from the "We 8" gang, were missed, especially the one who had to work even on a Sunday and the other who was almost "here" and yet not there and the other whom we are going to hear yelling on the phone from across the globe about how unlucky she is for not having made it :). Miss you all.

P.S: How did I forget the chocolate hampers.Thanks both of you for the Ferroro Rocher and Toblerone packs. Absolutely loving it.
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