Relationships - Part 27 - The "I-ME-MINE" relationship

Is there anyone else than your own self with whom you can be filled with mirth and deeply worried or disturbed at the same time , that too for the same reason?

What do you mean by ego-less self, is there anyone else with whom you can show all your ego and get that ego pampered, boosted and celebrated too.

What balcony person, who knows your grief better than you own self? You will never be able to do justice to your grief by voicing to another person, only the person who can hear it on their own can understand it best.

You know your capabilities, your weaknesses even if it is over blown by your watch dog person or under estimated by your basement person, there is no other soul  who knows your limitations more than your own inner soul.

All these relationships have derived some patterns of your reactions to the various things, like your misty eyed sorrowful moments or gleeful over the top happy moments,
but who knows that the deepest of your grief is unknown to even your tear glands and the joyest of your moments is not even celebrated by your own heart.

Who can give the right scores for your strongest qualities, your darkest fears, your vulnerable points, your randomness standards, and evaluate a decision for you. Even if someone did, did you not vet it all through this inner self. Sometimes Waging a war, sometimes signing a ever loving peaceful act. Because there was no one else who knows an entirety of all those qualities.

The cruelest of all wars are waged and the most tender of those hugs exchanged with just your own self.

Nobody can push you beyond any point that your mind doesn't accept or your heart does not desire to.

You are your dream, your best judge, your critic and your love.

I agree life hinges on relationships and all the kinds of relationships I wrote about earlier exist and are absolutely necessary for my world to go around, but there is no greater relationship than with one's own inner self. There exists a reserved place for a special someone with a very negligent gap between this inner self and them in our hearts, but it exists only because that someone acknowledges this gap and celebrates it much more than you do. As life goes on, this boundary might diminish depending on how much of it you yourself allow. 

Relationships is all about what I allow it be to ME.

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  1. pra Says:

    Nice post! I liked the quote-You are your dream, your best judge, your critic and your love.