Relationships - Part 25 - The "Couple" Relationship

Have you ever felt like you need no mirror  for you to see your joy and grief , because you see it in the other pair of eyes? Did you see more happiness in the eyes you are looking at than in your own?

Have you relished and enjoyed every moment spent and have replayed it over and over again in your mind and felt blessed about it?

Have you gone through all that Hiyaa talks about here, bitten by the bug, the sting sometimes painful, sometimes soothing, fell in love in the bargain, lived in that pit  and is loving it?

Have you ever felt that you underestimated the feeling of "missing someone" and went through the pain of actually missing?

Have you ever thought that it is not about the no-expectation feeling that makes this relationship beautiful, it is about expecting more and more and never being satisfied and to keep asking for more and to keep giving more and more.

Yes, It s the relationship between a couple.

Living the dream that you had dreamt up during the courtship times, dreaming new doozies, sharing the same dreams.
Accepting each other's unique worlds and living in harmony amongst differences.

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