Relationships - Part 23 - The "Mentor" people

When in doubt with yourself, approach them.
They may not just voice some encouraging words, but set some challenging goals for you to make you realize your own potential.

When two roads diverged, unable to decide which road to take, approach them.
They may not tell you like all others, to take the road less travelled , but will reason out what is best for you.

When apprehensive about making some life-changing decisions, approach them.
They will make you feel better and give you a word of advice to venture out on your journey with confidence.

When for no reason at all, you are not feeling up to it, approach them.
They may not allow you to get away with what you are feeling by dismissing it as a passing cloud, but will talk you through realizing your mistake.

When you take on mentor cap for somebody else, think of them.
You try to treat other people the way you were treated and impart the lesson your learnt from them.

When faced with a tough situation, think of them.
Think of how they would have handled it , think of the ways they kept their cool and not let the situation worse and solve it for yourself gleaming with pride.

When you achieve something that you most deared and longed for, tell them first.
Just because you know that they will feel happy for you and bless you for more such successes.

These are people, whose opinion you highly value, whose intentions you never doubt and whom you hold in high regard. They are the ones who moulded the raw clay into what you are, today. Drawing inspiration from them, learning a few lessons from them, you have led your life in awe of them and wanting to emulate them.  They are what you call as MENTORS in your life.

Dedication and heart felt grateful to all such people in my life, teachers and managers who have played such a role in my personal and career life.

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