Relationships - Part 19 - The "Deteriorated" relationships

There are some people in our lives whom we spent some really good time with, shared a very healthy relationship, liked them a great deal, held them in high respect, counted them as friends,  but somewhere in the long run, these people drifted away from our everyday lives, slowly tended to not being in touch. For some of these people, their memories remained with us, while for some, though the times with them were some of your best, they even faded from your memory.  You know they existed in your world, but when you happen to get back in touch with them or run into them at any occasion further in life, we feel somewhat awkward into the original groove of things, for no reason whatsoever. They are unlike the "left-to-themselves" relationships.  

In my world, I have a few of these people, I don’t even remember today, how important or how dear they were to me once upon a time, but what I feel right now is that Yes, I feel awkward to renew my happy times with them because trying to do anything superficial with them either on email or any social networking site would only seem a bit too unnatural and might even tarnish some of my fond memories with them. They are what I call the "Deteriorated" relationships.

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