Relationships - Part 20 - The "Celebrity" People

These people are the ones whom we looked up to, followed their every move, collected every bit of info about them, longed to see them, we join their fan clubs, we fantasize and eulogize them. We believe that we know the best about them and feel so close to them,  we don't allow even the best of our friends to pass any demeaning comment about them. These people might have been movie stars, singers, sports heroes or writers in the different stages of our lives depending on our liking.

We celebrate their success and walk with a sense of pride publicizing it as if our own. We mourn their failures and feel deeply upset about them more than they themselves do. We feel guilty about their mistakes though we have nothing to control them.

We have no personal relationship with them, they know nothing about even your existence. We tend to even hold them as our role models. We talk about relationships being mutual, but we bar these people from that rule and accept them and respect them though it is just no way mutual.

These are one-kind of people in our lives and thinking about it, there have been some stages in our lives when these people have been the "only" people who occupied our time, friends and family only standing second to them. 

Topic idea suggested by a blog reader. 
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