Relationships – Part 24 – The “Anger” Dartboards

Have you ever faced a situation where in you blow a fuse, lose your temper at a much lower threshold when with some people when they say/do something; the same thing you might have let go with a smile/shrug if it was anyone else. This is not because you don't care for their feelings or you don't love them, it is because you know that they'll put up with it
and that over the years of such association with them, you have taken them for granted and set some special standards with respect to your patience level and anger threshold with

These (unfortunate) people bear the brunt of your anger, impatient tantrums and somehow just seem to put up with you all the time. The luckiest thing with this kind of relationship is that you get back to your normal self with them almost instantly however awkward the anger situation had been because they are epitomes of patience, accepting all the anger darts thrown at them, being unable to predict when they'll come and with what intensity they'll come but have always been there for you as DART BOARDS, the "ANGER" dartboards, I call them. Why talk about having to control anger, when you have such people in your life.

They say,
Be who you are, say what you feel,
Because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.

I say,
Vent your anger out and take it out as much as you want,
Because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.
And the ANGER dartboard people are the ones who don't mind and they do matter a lot to us.

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