Relationships - Part 12 - "Ride Shotgun for them" people

You watch over them and protect them.
You shield them from the big bad world.
You vet the evil from the good for them.
You avoid telling the hardships you are going through and allow them to see only the good and the rosy.
Your eyes are always watching over these people, you tread the path before they take it to ensure it is danger-free.
You keep them shielded from the suffering, unrest even if it means you going through additional trouble.

You are their "Guardian Angel".  You ride shotgun for them always being on vigilance so that nothing other the safe, and the world's best reaches them. Like the thorns that hurt the hands that mean harm to the rose, you offer cover for these people from the evil things in the world , though you might be hurt in the bargain. They can't get anything less than the best, and you will do anything for that to get to them. Even if it means sacrificing your aspirations, giving up your favorites, stepping out of your comfort zone, anything that you can muster up for their happiness and safety.

In our real lives, we see these traits,

In a father, who tries to conceal his depleting bank balance to buy you that birthday gift.
In a mother, who always never hesitates to stay out of her comfort zone to give you the comfort.
In an elder sibling, whose watchful eyes  and free advice draws some boundary limits for and puts a check on you.
In your "watch-dog" person,  whom you tend to think as "overly concerned" but is doing it for your good.
In a lover, whom you tend to think isn't telling you everything, but is not telling you, only because it might worry or upset you.

Who are the people in your lives, whom you ride shotgun for?

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  1. Reshma Says:

    so true ,thank god for gaurdian angels on earth