Relationships - Part 5 - The "Watch Dog" people

When trying to blame one's own self for things that went wrong, when on that overly pessimistic trip, when success is getting into the head, when you spend crazily and accumulate nonsense on those stress-buster shopping sprees, when you try to wash away your guilt by constant cribbing but choose not to try to change your situation, at all these times, some are constantly on vigilance , watching over you , putting a check on you and chiding you, both during good and bad times. They are the "Watch-dog people", for some people it might just be their conscience acting as a watch-dog.

Yes, these watch-dog people are very essential in your journey through life, after all everybody needs that policing pair of eyes to keep that head firmly on our shoulders.Be it your own inner self or your watch-dog counterpart.

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