Relationships - Part 11 - The "Quality Time" people

There are people with whom you can strike a conversation on any topic on the fly with no planned agenda, just get started with them at some odd moment, at any odd place, on any odd topic  be it your outlook towards life, your aspirations, your opinions on people, your "2 pennies" on anything under the sun. Some of them are just casual topics, some thought provoking, some controversial, some complicated but all to the say least, interests both parties.

Sometimes respecting each other's views, sometimes fighting giving the other no chance to talk, but all the time expressing your honest, un biased opinion on the topic , speaking your heart out donning on your mind your best thinking cap . No differing opinion is taken to heart, it is well received and accepted.

Sometimes at your receptive best, accepting the differences in the opinions, yet some other time, at your angry best when overruled or dominated and told to shut up. But, the threshold point is well maintained with these people, and you come back feeling good about having spent "Quality time" with them and the time has been well worth it and you have thoroughly enjoyed your self.

These people may not be your close friends though you might them like them a great deal, they may not even be really your "cheer-time" people though the times you spend with them are cheerful,  but they are what I like to call as "Quality time" people with whom you always end up spending "Quality-time" with.

These kind of talks are very important to get your brain cells simulated and to voice your opinions on things and to lend an ear to what others think, you should need to find the right people for such discussions. It s fun, go find yours and Enjoy. Don't plan them, they are best started by themselves at the right moments when with the right people.

P.S: Relationships are circles, sometimes concentric, sometimes intersecting. Who does your "Quality time" circle intersect with, or encompass? :)

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