Relationships - Part 18 - The "MUTE" relationships

Who said the strength of relationships is about having someone to talk to as a balcony person, or having someone to spend cheer time with, or to be pampered by someone all the time, or to have someone chide you, or to have somebody praise you while you are not around.
Love also exists in forms other than those above, it exists in mute form without having to say or do anything or surprisingly even in the form of saying the negative.

I have seen such relationships and love in impeccable form in them. I have seen them not talk to each other at all, and even if they do occasionally, only snap at each other at every chance, pick up a fight at the drop of a hat. But there is love and care.

I have seen father and son relationship where they don't talk or confront each other unless deemed absolutely unavoidable.
I have seen sibling relationships like this , fighting all the time, not talking to each other for years.

But nevertheless , the love exists in unexpressed form , care exists in silent form . Love does not have exist always in sugary words, lovey-dovey all the time or in tear filled consolations.

In my world, I just find that these relationships take more effort to maintain , the more you make a conscious effort to conceal , the more difficult it is . To have it and yet not to show is way too difficult and painful. The human ego takes control of the heart here.

Just remember that if you have such relationships in your life, it might sometimes be too late before you ever get to show that you truly loved. 

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