If I were a baby again

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If I were a baby again.

Blacks, Whites and Grey
When I was a baby,
There were only two flavors in life, the "mum-dad" and the "rest", There was just black and white.
Today, life is about the shades of grey and not just black and white. Life's thrill and beauty lies in its varying shades and they are pretty.

From the two-kind to the multitude of relationships
When I was a baby,
There were just two types of relationships, one to whom who can “roll on the floor and cry your extra share of toffee” and the rest to whom you should “humble refuse that extra toffee offer”. Making new relationships involved only evaluating the “smile” and how much it appealed to you.
Today, I write about a host of relationships that I hold  here, battling it out between the heart and the mind, though with no regrets, Whatsoever.

The "Broken" meaning – Varying degree of sadness
When I was a baby,
Sadness was only about "Broken" toys and painful injections when sick.
But now, it is about broken promises, broken relationships, shattered dreams and lost loved ones. Some could be replaced but some not, but time healed them all.

The “I can” to “Can I?” - Times
When I was a baby,
Everything was a "I Can" if I try. I can crawl, walk, talk and I did it all by myself. Put my hand out and somebody held it. Even if no one did, I went on, fell , shrieked, but stood up again, all by myself.
But now, it is "Can I"? in the mind, when fallen, staying there with doubts , apprehensions , disappointments  putting that hand out, waiting for that someone to take it . But when that hand is held, it is all rosy again.

So, If I were a baby again, I would love to go back and teach myself not to gaze bewildered when I see the shades of grey , not to feel depressed when the “I Can” s become “Can I?”,  
So count me in the category of people, who don’t regret not having taught themselves those qualities. I am happy with what I have learnt as a child, the values I hold dear, the maturity to look back and rejoice without too many regrets.
So, I am just uttering it through my lips and not from my heart and soul, when I say, I wish I can go back to being a baby. 
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28 Responses
  1. Oh wow.. that simple good!! nice thoughts. Yes, we have lost the confidence in yourselves as we grow up because we don't want to be riddled in front of all

  2. Beautiful, true and ironic contrasts. Nice.

    The change of "I can” to “Can I?” is something I have been bewildered as well.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I really liked your post...and the comparison between babyhood and adulthood :-)

  4. I loved this! Especially how what you would do is to teach yourself about the life that is yet to come. I'm new to your blog so I'm unaware about your relationship struggles but will go through the posts...

  5. Hiyaa Says:

    Totally love your take on the topic! Can understand what you have put across in absolute black and white (pun intended)
    Lots of interesting posts other than the blog-a-ton as well...will read on slowly!

    Thanks for visiting my page!

  6. The “I can” to “Can I?” - Times

    Well put. Now everything is 'can I', unfortunately

  7. Daisy Blue Says:

    Atlast you made it ? Nice presentation!

  8. Niharika Says:

    This was the best post I have read today!!Especially the I Can and Can I lines. Really touched me!

  9. pushpee Says:

    lovely!! how we change over the years.....life palys a funny game....nice post...all the best!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Niharika seconded...

  11. Govind Says:

    I have read all the posts. This one is definitely one of the best!!!

  12. @all

    @Daisy Blue
    Yes, I made it. Before I started writing the post, I din't think I will end up liking this topic. Should say "Thanks" for suggesting this topic.

  13. Singh Amit Says:

    Very Nice and apt post... :)
    Simply Loved it.. :)
    "I can" and "can I?" was so beautifully presented.... :)
    Best of luck...

  14. Chetan Says:

    you thought very acutely on this topic
    you righly compared he two worlds of 'i can' and 'can i'

  15. ηανєєη Says:

    interesting way of presenting .... really nice !!

  16. Shruti Says:

    Loved those comparisons and a different take on the topic :)

  17. Karthik Says:

    Marvelous! Very well said. Especially the 'I can' and 'can I' times.
    Enjoyed reading the post very much.
    All the best!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Truly a nice one and liked all the comparisons :D All the Best !!!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Very simple but beautiful comparisons. Loved this post. I liked this one the most - The “I can” to “Can I?” - Times :)

  20. Sai Manohar Says:

    Can I to I can .. thats ending on a positive note

  21. Makk Says:



    but strongly expressive.


  22. neeraj Says:

    I am seconding evanescentthoughts

  23. Shruti Says:

    Awesome comparisons! Loved everything!

  24. Very good post, simple and superb.
    Very well written.

  25. hi....

    nice post with balanced approach . Innovative and pragmatic.
    'There were only two flavors in life'

    I liked this line very much which has got in depth meaning .

  26. Dreamer Says:

    Beautiful thoughts. Especially liked the way you balanced the problems a baby faces with that those an adult faces.

  27. pra Says:

    Really good analysis.I like the part of ICAN AND CAN I as well as broken relationships.

  28. Vipul Grover Says:

    We : Now and Then :)
    Well, i really luvd the expressions u used 2 show the diffrnce like the flavours in life etc.. A gud read!