Relationships - Part 7 - The "Time pass" people

There are acquaintances that you pick along the way, with no real friendship factor. You get along with them to a tolerable extent; they don't annoy you or get on your nerves, and sometimes are even intelligent and smart to help you pass your time with some interesting discussions on some topics. You neither tell them your secrets nor pick on personal things in their lives. You like them just enough to be able to hold a conversation with them for tea or coffee or a smoke or occasionally even a toned down session of beer and you don't hate them as much as not being able to stand their tantrums.  They are plain NEUTRAL, the right balance at CENTRE ZERO not tending towards to either extreme. These people might tend to appear as your “Cheer buddies” and converting them into “Cheer buddies” lies in the age of the relationship and the degree of likeness and trust built. It depends on which side the balance tilts. 

Well, they are the "Hi-bye-tea-partner-and-it-stops there" people and i call them the "Time-pass" people in our lives.

Whom did you pass your time with , for Tea today?

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  1. G Says:
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  2. G Says:

    grt job, its actually nice 2 discuss this kinda topics and my friend is doin it suberbly, kudoos

    take care