Relationships - Part 1 - Balcony People

Inspired by this post here, I initially intended to write a review on that topic but the result of that thought is my post here on Relationships.

When going through a tough situation, be it losing a loved one, living through the pain of broken relationships , or witness a dream shattered, we fall back on friends or loved ones for advice, for a shoulder to cry on , for a hand to lift us up and hold on to walk a few steps.  Most often than not, more than seeking their unbiased opinion or advice, we want them to see the situation as we see it and to mouth the connotations that we ourselves have conjured in our minds during this course of living through this grief; we often even unconsciously try to even impose it on them. How do some special friends react to this?
There are people those who see beyond our grief, recognize our unconscious attempts to impose our pessimism on them, sense our vulnerable self-esteem at that moment, and dare to tell us the truth and to help with What is best at that time, though it may be hard on us. They listen to all our rants and at the end of the whole thing, they tell us the truth, the mistakes we have made, the way we should see the problem and help us get on with life.
While they listen, or while they talk us through our grief, they think not for a moment, of how their thoughts might be perceived by us, nothing matters to them any more than us getting out of this situation.
They bless you through these times with their presence and they sacrifice their most precious gift with you, their TIME. They are the “Balcony people”.
And all that we need to do is to look for these "Balcony people" in our lives, be your "ego-non-existent" self ; talk while they listen and to importantly Listen while they talk.

Those blissful moments, {standing in my balcony}, holding hands, leaning on shoulder, ranting and then listening...with hands not to just wipe that tear off but to walk along a few steps...
Dedicated to all the Balcony people in my life.

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