Relationships - Part 15 - Relationships teach

Along life's way, as we make or break relationships, there is one thing that is inevitable, the lesson they teach us.

They teach you to love,
Not to love just the other, but to love your own self for that same reason.

They teach you to forgive,
Forgive out of love, out of bias, and hold that act of forgiveness not as a temporary act but as a permanent attitude.

They teach you to "say sorry",
To make mistakes is OK, as long as there are people who help you wash your guilt and hear the sorry that you say with your egoless best and accept it whole heartedly.

They teach you to forget,
When things did not work right , when intentions were wrongly interpreted, when care was taken for granted,  pick the lesson up and move on.

They teach you to respect,
Respect each other moods, independence of each other.

They teach you to accept,
Accept each other's differences.

They teach you to care,
Selfless care , feel each other's pain, to wish the world's best for the other.

They teach to depend,
To make you realise that to depend on somebody is a blessing.

They teach to support,
To hand hold and stand together in matters of good and bad withstanding the tests of time.

They teach to let go,
And not hold on too tight , because something that does not come back to you , was never yours.

They teach to wait,
And not be in a hurry for things to mature, take new forms, and still love.

They teach you to sacrifice,
Without you realizing that you are actually making a sacrifice.

They teach you to teach,
And impart the lessons who have learnt from the different forms of relationships you have on to the others.

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