Relationships - Part 8 - The "Inanimate" relationships

The "Inanimate" relationships

With whom you share your bed.
With whom you share your every moment and breathe your every breath.
The "living-together" relationship.
-Yes, the inevitable mobile, which sees your emotions being nearest to you in all forms, your emotions (the SMS es), your moods, your rants, your special people are all saved in there in "Soft" form.

You go to it, whenever you feel down.
It is not the "Balcony people" this time,
They bring a smile on your face replacing the sulking frown,
It is not the "Cheer Time" people this time.
-Yes, the memories of the past locked up in your wardrobe as treasures in the form of gifts, cards, photographs, old school books, novels and report cards.

Your "pride" and your neighbor's envy,
Can respond and react well to your "need for speed" when in "Want for time",
Can relate well to your "calm" and "not-so-urgent" times
-Yes, the relationship with your cycle, bike and car. This is one of the first things that we called as "MINE" and flaunted around town.

Your best friend, It needs to be at home, sometimes within sight or should atleast be there.
You might lend them around, but you want it back in the same form.
You pamper it all day and have spent your most-troubled times and your most-happy times with them.
-Yes, for some of us, it could be books, music player, or anything that we consider as precious. The "untitled" relationship with these "priceless" possessions.

You won't go to take your favourite exam without this.
You won't step out to venture for your "most-wished-thing" without wearing this color on you.
You won't start your day without listening to this.
-Yes, Our lucky charms, for some of us, it might be a pen, a color on our dress, a song, or a phone call or a visit to somebody special. The things that we hold as sentimental with no reason for explanation.

Though inanimate, all these things are very dear and play an important role in our lives. Their loss can mean a lot of sadness. The memories keep coming back to you and upset you for days.

I can still remember the fury I felt, when the novel I lent came back in tatters and scribbles all over.

I can still remember the wrath I showed, when my mom had thrown away my old collections of newspaper clipping, old answer sheets which I had treasured for posterity's sake. I actually went over with dad that night, to the "waste paper" shop to ransack the pack that she had sent and came back disappointed.

I can still remember the immense sadness, when I found my cycle stolen.

I can still remember how upset I was, when I had deleted a folder in which I had saved some old emails while backing up desktop or laptop.

And I have no words to explain how deeply saddened I am today, at the loss of my mobile yesterday.

My "Inanimate" relationships are as intimate for me as this and this and this. Their loss is something I find very difficult to get over soon.
- Dedication to my lost mobile.

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  1. Govind Says:

    Poor lunch boxes…They deserved a word or two… :)
    Anyway I liked the post a lot!!

  2. Reshma Says:

    good post ,appreciate the effort u put into your blogs
    we enjoy them all