Relationships - Part 17 - "The made me feel good" people

I have a family member who fought a serious illness a couple of years back. During those times of hospitalization and almost losing hope of recovering, with the suffering she went through, though we all did our bit as family and friends in the form of being around, there is one person whom she still vividly remembers as one of the important people who helped fight her illness and be brave to recover. It was her doctor.

She had never met him before that incident, and while she was fighting for her life in the ICU on ventilation, he sat next to her and gave her the pep talk of her life, he had made her feel good , he talked to her to have faith and told her what is important for her is bottomless optimism for her to get over what she was going through. I am sure, almost everyone who visited her during that time did that to her, but his talk and care touched her in a way which she holds dear.

Years passed by, almost 6 years now, she has not had many interactions with him since, but still would not forget him. She diligently sends him New year wishes and would never allow any patient who consults him to pass any demeaning comment on him. That person did not have to do anything to keep this trust or to earn her well wishes , but it just happened.  It was more than just gratitude.

They are what I call "The made me feel good once upon a time" people.

There are such people in our lives, whom we remember and hold dear just for the way they made us feel good sometime in the past. We may not bee in touch with them or  would not have even seen them later in our lives, but their memories live in us, because we remember the way they made us feel more than anything else. We might be such people in somebody's else lives too.

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  1. Gyanban Says:

    That's exactly why the world hangs in balance.!

    2 things I liked about your blog - 1. Length of the posts. 2. Choice of less ornate words.