Relationships - Part 3 - "Cheer Time" People

I know am making up titles on the fly but I could think of nothing better for what I am going to talk about.

This is about the people who are neither the "Basement people" nor the "Balcony people" , but they are all the more important to look out for, to hold on always to, to be in constant touch with. They are the "Cheer-time-buddies", in my world , they just spread their cheer, rub some enthusiasm on you, even if you talk to them after a long-long gap. You just have to say a Hi and they come out in all sparkle and glitter and make you forget you sad moment and help you see a happy note in what you want to rant about.  

There is never a long silence when in conversation with them, they smile in their voices and you see joy in their smiles. 

Even the most embarassing and the annoying questions from these poeple are taken lightly by you, because it is the "Cheer-Time" buddy you are talking to.These kind of people mostly are your well-wishers and they well know what to say and what not to say to you. Long rants or cribbing sessions, nostalgic discussions , reliving happy memories, embarassing funny moments, serious discussions about future, they know just how to handle it all to cheer you up and all associations with them end on a happy note.

"Happiness is like a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself”

I have a few of my "Cheer-Time" buddies whom I hold very dear to my heart. Cheers all!! . 

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